We are a group of highly experienced professionals, each at the 'top of our game'. We run our global projects from our 'Hub' in Wandsworth in London, though we spend most of our time working virtually on the network that we have built.

We are a mixture of strategic experts with extensive planning and marketing experience, creatives from many different disciplines such as design, advertising and copywriting and very experienced qualitative research experts with broad sector knowledge.

Hugo Brooks
CEO & Senior Consultant 

Sarah Morris
Finance Manger 

Jude Wilton
Qual Star

Simon Banks
Director & Senior Consultant

Claudia Knight
Development Consultant 

Fiona Davies-Baker
Qual Star 


Lynn Cassidy
Project Director

Merryl Catlow
Creative Guru

Tia Kulasuriya
Qual Star


Terry Bayliss
Information Tech Manager

Gareth Davies
Creative Guru

Liz DiPilli
Qual Star

Maria Colarusso
Project Manager

Ioanna Mentzou
Research Executive

Louis Brooks
Technical Support Specialist